Surprises don’t end here: our designers want to create a special wine cellar, a place that will be used as a space for tastings and for display our bottles and their curious labels.

The winery will take place in one of the buildings part of the village: surrounded by greenery and by the Cabernet Franc vineyards, close to a picturesque pond where you can meet geese, mallards and peacocks.
That’s a new project for the creatives of Archirivolto studio: starting from an existing underground water field, they want to create a real water mill, following the style of the old country estates. The presence of water, in fact, characterizes not only the Fornace village, but also the nearby town of Colle di Val d’Elsa, an area rich of springs that in the past were channeled and used to make the mills work, becoming a determining factor for the local economy.