Welcome people, welcome to this fourth edition of the Vigna Nova Party! Like every year, our village La Fornace has hosted more than 500 guests, giving life to a night full of magic moments, starting from the aperitif, food, shows, up to the after diner dance party.


At the entrance two friendly character from Il Circo Nero, who entertained guests with irony and joviality, introducing them into a sparkling atmosphere.


It couldn’t be a good party without a respectable aperitif; our Aphrodite sparkling wine accompanied the cold appetizers, kindly served by the staff of Brazilian models. Meanwhile, music and choreographic dances were the backdrop of the event.


Following, a rich dinner on fully set tables. Keywords of the evening: conviviality and hospitality, just like a big family.


The charity auction for Anffas Altavaldelsa was benned by two special auctioneers: the butcher Dario Cecchini and the showgirl Antonella Mosetti. They rode two horses up to the main stage: Antonella was wearing a sensual yellow dress and Cecchini throw his worshipped steaks to the public.


Charity auction: the two auctioneers awarded the prizes, that were including our wines, a barrel of Carboncino wine and some design furniture (check all the prizes here).


The brazilian dancers warmed even more the atmosphere during the diner, while Cecchini and his staff were serving the special florentine steak.


Slow cooking, blood-like meat and aromatic herbs. A delight for the palate, especially when combined with the excellent red wine Pavo.


The party continued with a lot of dances, fire eaters shows and a DJ set all night-long.

A special thank to all of you, to have supported us with your energy and passion, the same that allowed us, after 5 years, to be here celebrating our work.
We are only at the beginning of this (amazing) adventure called “Il Drago e la Fornace”!