On August 3rd there will be the fourth edition of the Vigna Nova party at our village “La Fornace”!

The party will be full of good food and, of course, our good wine. In fact, this will be the opportunity to taste a wide selection of red tuscan wines, some igt wines to be drunk cold, white wines and chardonnay bubbles.

In order to satisfy all the palates, there will be a buffet of appetizers and first courses organized by the catering Emperium. Then at the stove, Dario Cecchini – butcher for eight generations – he has transformed his work into a true philosophy, whose postulate is the complete use of the animal, in this case the meat, beef and pork. The staff of the Antica Macelleria Cecchini will perform in a true showcooking, during which will also take place the lectio magistralis held by Cecchini.

Afterwards, the fiery atmosphere of the Circo Nero: dances, fire-eaters, circus shows and of course music, with a DJ set that will continue until late night. Special guest: Antonella Mosetti, showgirl and Italian TV presenter, directly from Grande Fratello Vip, will entertain us with her sparkling personality. The party will also be the occasion to talk about the new project for our village: in August the inauguration of the new space that will host our design studio, instead, starting from 2019, the apartments of the estate will be used as luxury hospitality.

Central moment of the evening will be the great charity auction in favor of Anffas Altavaldelsa. Anffas Altavaldesa onlus has been working for over thirty years in the Altavaldelsa area, organizing activities for people with disabilities, activating pathways and laboratory projects aimed at integrating them into the world of work. This is the opportunity to bring home an untraceable bottle of wine or an exclusive piece of design, giving an important donation: the revenue obtained from the products will be completely donated to the association.

What will you find at the auction? Also an entire barrel of Carboncino wine! For the most curious we give you a preview of what is waiting for you … but you will discover the best surprises only during the party!